We Are Connected

What is Gohoof?

We made a travel kit that goes around the world and makes you feel at home.
We made it really, really easy and simple for expats and travellers to connect with others in the same destination who share the same place of origin.
Imagine getting ideas and good information from other expats or travellers of the same origin about your destination!
Imagine a new way of sharing your experiences with your fellow expatriates of the same origin: with Instant messaging and video calls


Post & Search awesome Ideas
to impact your local town, village, city or community.


Buy & Sell Items in your local area.
Buyers & sellers are able to discuss deals
with Instant messaging & Video.


Driving to a destination?
Post your ride & others can find trips
toward your destination. It’s a Carpool.
It’s Car Sharing!


Want others to know about your local hangout spot?
Post it & let them join you. It’s that simple!


Don’t forget to post that small job or gig.
Have a local person help you out. Post & search Jobs for free.