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6 Ways To Become More Flexible In Life

Gohoof Social 57 Mar 25

Is your to-do list extremely loaded with tasks? Do you manage to tackle everything on that list?

Maybe you do, but at the price of being stuck in a constant state of “have-to”. And if you’re constantly saying “-but I have to do this thing”, being spontaneous can be incredibly stressful. You may even have a hard time adjusting to the sudden changes you have to make in your schedule.

To avoid all these inconveniences, try breaking up your to-do list into sections by following these ideas:

Things you must do: Create a section in your to-do list that will include things you must absolutely complete before tomorrow. It should contain more time-sensitive tasks that need to be done right away.

Consider yourself productive once you knock out this list. Since it’s likely to be much shorter than the other sections you’ll have in your list, it will give you more time to unwind or deal with whatever life throws at you.

Things you’d like to do, but don’t have to: This section could include tasks that won’t lead to major consequences if you’re unable to get to them. It could also function kind of like a bucket list for the week. You could exercise flexibility by choosing a few of the items on a whim instead of having to do them all.

Approaching goals and events: Like with the first section, you’ll need to conquer this section eventually. But, unlike the first section and more like the second section, you don’t have to get it done today.

You can keep this section in the back of your head while planning for the day.

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