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The most luxurious Starbucks in the world just opened in Tokyo

Gohoof Social 26 Mar 1

The new Tokyo Roastery, which opened yesterday in Tokyo’s Nakameguro neighborhood, is now the largest Starbucks in the world and likely the fanciest. The Roastery is four-stories tall, surpassing the Shanghai Reserve Roastery, which previously held the title of the largest in the world.

The Tokyo Roastery houses the largest Starbucks Roastery cask ever, at 55 feet tall, spanning all four floors. The cask is made of hammered copper and decorated with hundreds of copper cherry blossoms as a tribute to Nakameguro’s famous flower.

From the comfort of your seat in the new roastery, you can actually see the famous cherry blossom trees along the Meguro River thanks to the building’s glass walls and terraced floors.

Coffee lovers won’t be disappointed by the Tokyo location’s offerings. There will be 100 unique coffee and tea beverages, and three bars. There’s the main coffee bar on the main floor, the Teavana Bar on the second floor, and the Arriviamo Bar on the third floor, which will serve coffee and tea-inspired cocktails, such as the Nakameguro espresso martini made with chestnut liqueur, crème de cacao and espresso, and the cascal lemon sour made with maple syrup, lemon juice, and cold brew coffee.

The Tokyo Roastery will also offer customers Italian baked goods with the Princi bakery, including pizzas, focaccias, cornetti, and freshly baked breads.

If you were worried this new roastery might lack Starbucks’ patented hipster vibe — fear not. The fourth floor will be home to the AMU-inspired lounge, which Starbucks says will “serve as a platform to host change-makers and creative thinkers from across Japan.”

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