When violence consumes and takes over villages, towns, and

sometimes a whole country, residents have two choices:

stay and live in a warzone, or leave and start somewhere

totally new, from scratch, with nothing.




Entire communities are displaced by vast government

corruption, persecution for their religious beliefs, fights over

natural resources, and warring rebel groups. Trying to

escape the crossfire, entire communities and economies are

fractured and uprooted. It’s hard to have a job, raise a

family, and build a life when you’re on the run.


But today more than ever, it’s possible to rebuild wherever

you are. With more and more countries taking in more

refugees and immigrants. International students, travelers,

tourist are also being welcomed around the world in record



But being forced to move away from your village,

town, city or country of origin can be a traumatic experience

for many. People have been migrating for thousands of

years but the issue of making people feel at home, feel

welcome and feel like a local in their new destinations have

never been an easy task.


That’s why we believe having people of the same origins

welcome one another in foreign destinations is very

important. Imagine moving from the United States to live in

New Zealand, imagine being welcomed in New Zealand by

another American family who has been living in New Zealand

for a couple of years and familiar with the city you plan to

live in.


We believe this kinds of scenarios will make live much more

easier for those moving away from their place of origin and

resettling in new cities or countries. Having someone of the

same place of origin welcome you at your new destination

can be one of the happiest thing to happen to many

refugees, immigrants, international students and even



That's why we believe in creating ‘Welcoming Centers’ in

major cities in countries who receive lots of refugees,

immigrants, tourists and international students. These

Centers will serve as a multi-origin center to have people of

different origins come to discuss on several topics and

welcoming other newcomers of their respective countries of

origins and help guide their stay in their new communities.


These way, if a refugee, immigrant or an international

student is new to a community, he/she will not have to visit

unsafe places in other to feel welcome in their new home



So we have decided to ask for Donations from anyone that

believes in creating safe and welcoming communities for this

particular set of new community members. For many of us

have been newcomers to many locations and have found it

challenging settling in.


Please DONATE below to make our towns, cities and

countries friendly and welcoming to those that want to make

it their new homes.