Gohoof Community Guidelines


Date of Last Revision: 25 December 2016

This document sets out the Community Guidelines that applies to your use of GOHOOF and any videos, photographs, message or any other content that you may upload (“Content”) and the Original Content.

When using GOHOOF you are expected to comply with these Community Guidelines, and we may, in addition to any other legal right or remedy, revoke your access in accordance with our Terms of Use for any breach of these Community Guidelines.

We may update the Community Guidelines from time to time and will bring any updates to your attention. Your continued use of GOHOOF will be deemed your acceptance of any update to the Community Guidelines.


1.1. When you upload Content to GOHOOF, you agree that your Content will comply with these Community Guidelines. You agree that your Content will not:

1.1.1. be unlawful;

By way of example only, your content will not promote, feature, facilitate or condone any material or activity which is unlawful such as violence, abusive to others or generally committing a crime.

1.1.2. infringe third party rights;

By way of example only, your Content will not infringe any intellectual property rights (for example but not limitation such as copyright or trademark) or other rights such as privacy, publicity, personal data rights, or any contractual right.

You will be responsible for ensuring that any persons, locations or content such as music appearing in or which forms part of your Content has consented to such use. Please respect other people's intellectual property.

1.1.3. be inappropriate or otherwise be objectionable by us.

By way of example only, your Content will not be abusive of any person, or contain malicious, bullying, or violent, fraudulent, pornographic, homophobic, defamatory, libellous, discriminatory, obscene or racist material.

Nor will you use the service to bully, harasses or otherwise maliciously target any person.

1.1.4. contain any viruses, Trojans or other malicious, harmful or tracking code.

Just don’t.

1.1.5. contain any marketing or commercial promotions or adverts.

By way of example, your content shall not be a paid for or sponsored promotion, nor will you include any advert pop ups or pre or post-rolls. If you are interested in using the Service to commercially promote or share information about products or services, please get in touch with us at support@gohoof.com

1.1.6. suggest any endorsement by THE GOHOOF TEAM


2.1. You may only use and watch Original Content and users’ Content uploaded onto GOHOOF by as permitted by us. You may watch, view and stream Original Content and users’ Content on the GOHOOF website and apps.

2.2. You may not copy, download, or embed any Original Content or users’ Content without the express written permission of the content owner.

2.4. You may not use any Original Content or other users’ Content for any commercial purposes, or any public performances.


3.1. When you create an account all information you supply must be truthful and accurate about you only.

3.2. You shall not use or set up an account to imposter any other person, or to set up fake or ‘bot’ style accounts.

3.3. Profile user names ARE ENCOURAGED TO BE YOUR REAL NAMES but do not need to be your real name, but cannot be chosen or used which:

3.3.1. are trademarks of a third party;

3.3.2. are offensive;

3.3.3. may breach these Community Guidelines in any other manner as we may reasonably decide.

3.4. Profile usernames cannot be sold, transferred or licensed without our prior written consent.

3.5. You may only use your account in accordance with the Terms of Use, and you may not operate a competition or commercial activity without our prior written approval.


5.1. If you spot material on the Service which you believe contravenes these Community Guidelines or is otherwise objectionable please notify us at as set out in clause 9 of the Terms of Use.

Gohoof was founded to make life easier for Expats, Refugees, Immigrants, Travelers, International Students and others  to provide guiding  information, and to help our members meet like-minded people especially people of the same origins.

We are committed to ensuring our platform is a safe and genuine place for these group of people (Expats, Refugees, Immigrants, Travelers, International Students and others). Our community is growing each day, and our goal is to have an environment where people are respectful and treat one another with care, dignity, welcoming and fairly.

We ask you to help us make this community a great place for people to interact, while welcoming one another. Breaking our Networking Guidelines may result in your account being temporarily or even permanently deactivated.

Please Be Your Community Caretaker and Respect it!

Respect Boundaries

  • GOHOOF has an extremely diverse member base, including different cultures, religions, and languages. Please keep this in mind while networking and respect all other members.
  • Take a balanced approach to networking. Consider other members’ perspectives and respect their boundaries.
  • We ask members to use our platform for its intended purpose; Don’t post any contents containing

            Adult materials, criminal content of any sort or any content you will not want a 13 year old to see.            Please use common sense.


  • GOHOOF does not tolerate spam.
  • We define spam as content which is unsolicited, commercial, promotional, or impersonal.
  • Don’t send spamming messages to any recipients.
  • When connecting with someone new, make sure you send a personalized message.

Be Genuine

  • Real profiles, with real names and pictures, help to ensure a community of trust.
  • Fake or duplicated accounts are not accepted.
  • Using someone else’s information or intending to mislead other members with fake information will not be tolerated.


GOHOOF is a private niche network that provides its members with a platform to interact. Everyone can  join GOHOOF, and can choose his or her level of membership. GOHOOF members have agreed to adhere to our Terms Of Service Page and to respect our Networking Guidelines.

Please behave in a respectful manner towards ALL OTHER members, the website, and the GOHOOF STAFF.

Format and Language

  • Submitted content can be in your preferred language
  • subjects must be clear and concise.
  • Language must be moderate with no inappropriate language.

Content of Threads

    • Ensure you post your thread in the right forum category.


  • Hate speech and intolerant remarks are not acceptable.
  • Pornographic and sexual comments will not be tolerated.


  • Job postings must include sufficient details.

Respectful Conduct towards Other Members

    • All members are entitled to express their opinions in a respectful way.


  • Threads/posts about or mocking other members, their comments, profile, threads, or experiences are not  acceptable.


Administration of the Forum


  • GOHOOF reserves the right to edit or delete threads/posts if they are considered inappropriate, or violate any of the aforementioned guidelines.


  • GOHOOF reserves the right to take any action necessary to maintain the quality of our platform against any member not following the guidelines.