Our Story

What we believe

We live in an age of kindness, liberty, truth and development. We believe we can go everywhere. Our green world is a shared community and the biggest one we have ever known. Our movements, journeys, short and long trips are all part of human communication no matter our destinations. We strongly believe in People making connections with other people of the same origins wherever they may be in the world. This could be on the road, online, and in person. We value people feeling some part at home while away. We imagine people welcoming one another in familiar and unfamiliar locations. We imagine people commuting in safe communities because they are able to ask for and offer directions to one another. We imagine to make a community of many origins all around the world. That’s the idea, and the mission, behind everything we do.


What our features offer to our community members:

Quite simply: the perfect features. Developed from hundreds of travel stories from our very own team members, friends and our main niche members made of (expats, frequent travelers, immigrants, refugees, international students and migrant workers). And designed for the way people actually travel and communicate with one another. We didn’t just create a community for “socializing”, we built a thoughtful online tool—featuring a location specific marketplace, ideas and rides sharing made simple and many more—using the best designs and just exactly we believe will benefit our audience the most. The result is an easy to navigate online community tools for (expats, frequent travelers, immigrants, refugees, international students and migrant workers) that is beautifully and functionally minimal. It’s a Social network that helps people of the same origins find their way by staying in touch with those in their past-current-future destinations. At Gohoof we believe it matters where we come from, where we are and where are are going to.

How we do it

To give the world access to a better online community, we took the free model approach. Even though our tools are of top-quality design, we are committed to helping all (expats, frequent travelers, immigrants, refugees, international students and migrant workers) feel at home as they go from destination to destination. That’s why we have made our community open to all true members and our commitment is guaranteed—for life.

How we’ve come to see our world:

For (an expat, frequent traveler, immigrant, refugee, international student and migrant worker), every trip has a starting point. The place you come from, where you’re safe and very importantly where you feel as a local.