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Diabetic Feet - How to Identify If Your Foot is at Risk?

  • Unfortunately, this system seems to break down when pharmacies  StrictionD Review and medical supply companies try to 'get in on the action'. These companies will solicit an individual directly from diabetic supply lists or indirectly through community advertising, and offer a 'free' pair of shoes: no foot exam, no qualified physician pouring over every aspect of the individual foot's function and structure, and no one to properly assess for the qualifying findings that have too be present (wounds, foot deformity, poor sensation etc.).

    One is simply measured for a pair of shoes based strictly on size, and an insert is selected (usually the custom fitted insert because Medicare pays more for it). After a while, the shoes and inserts are delivered to the patient's home and no one is there to ensure a proper fit, or even to monitor the foot after awhile to ensure the shoe is properly functioning as a protective device.

    The shoes and inserts may even be of substandard material or may barely qualify under the guidelines Medicare has set specifically for these shoes. Pharmacies and medical supply companies can get away with this because of one key part of the required paperwork: the certifying statement. Like podiatrists who dispense diabetic shoes, these companies submit a certifying statement to the physician treating the diabetes, who must agree with the findings (which may be pre-printed on a form letter).
      November 14, 2019 3:44 AM CST