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Cardinals General Manager told the team’s

  • The Cardinals are trying to dig themselves out of the bottom of the league after last year’s 3-13 mark Will Grier Jersey , and they believe they’ve hit on a tool to help them get there with the creation of a three-person analytics department this that he and owner Michael Bidwill are serious about using data to put the Cardinals on the cutting edge in their decision making.“Michael and I talked it through, and for two middle-aged guys, I feel we are both forward-thinkers that aren’t so proud to think you can’t learn something new,�? Keim said.Keim said he’s committed to creating a front office where there’s no antipathy between the scouting department and the analytics department.“When you start out in the scouting business Christian Miller Jersey , you don’t want to hear the word analytics because you know [scouting] is something that is an instinctive thing, something you were born to do as a scout, evaluate talent,�? Keim said. “Analytics generally scares the old-school mentality because you think it’s put in position to do your job for you Jordan Scarlett Jersey , which is not the case. For me, it’s a great tool to either back up the theories you have or to maybe put into question some of your theories and create a checks and balances system.”Keim knew after last season’s results that the Cardinals needed a new approach, and he hopes a greater emphasis on analytics leads to a better product on the field. Nick Bosa, the 49ers’ first-round draft pick David Montgomery Jersey , has taken quite a bit of criticism for social media posts that some saw as racist, and he pledged to get off Twitter so he’d avoid stirring any controversy in San Francisco. One veteran in the locker room says that’s unnecessary.Teammate Dee Ford said Bosa is already blending in well during offseason work and it doesn’t matter what opinions he has expressed on social media.“Yeah, he’s a great guy,” Ford said Riley Ridley Jersey , via Jennifer Lee Chan of “Social media is social media. I could care less. Honestly, who you are at work is important to me and he’s a great guy. I don’t even have a social media. I’m not even up to speed with the quotes and all that. I don’t care. Who he has presented to us is a great guy that’s ready to work and that’s all that matters to me.”The 49ers also didn’t seem concerned about anything Bosa has tweeted, taking him with the second overall pick.
      November 13, 2019 3:47 AM CST